Gift Box Template

Gift Box Template

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Custom Made Gift Boxes Wholesale With Free Gift Box Template

CustomPackagingCo is a specialist in producing remarkable Gift BoxTemplate just to make your memorable movements more precious. In every culture we found gift giving is one of the encouraging customs. People use to custom made gift boxes with Gift Box Template to make their gifts more acceptable as well as beauteous for the receiver. We have designers who are expert in designing gift packaging boxes in a way that add spark and glow to your gifts. As the gifts are essential and greatest parts of every event just like birthdays, wedding, and anniversaries. Gift packaging is also most noticeable thing while you are going to gift something to someone. Most of the people consider gift packaging a lot, and due to this, they want differentiation in the presentation of their gifts. Therefore customized and personalized gift boxes made with Gift Box Template are the best solution for their gift packaging.

Gift Box Design Templates

Let’s make your own custom Gift Box in five minutes with free gift box design templates. Heart-shaped Gift Box Template, Cube-shaped Gift Box Template, Bag-shaped Gift Box Template, and more.

Make a custom box using craft paper and card stock with Free Gift Box Template. Print one of these gift box design templates onto the blank side. This heart container looks sweet and is great for Valentines Day, anniversaries, or other romantic occasions. Imagine filling it with Hershey Kisses and an “I ♥ You” note and giving it to your boyfriend/girlfriend. I bet they’d love it and be really touched! (Hint to my other half, if he’s reading this 😉 This design is seriously easy to make. In fact, you don’t even need any glue! It just slots together and holds in place by itself.

gift box design templates

Materials For Gift Box Templates

All you need is A printer, Cardstock or paper & Scissors For Making gift Box with Gift Box Template, This design turns out best when you make it from card stock. Paper works okay too, but it’s a little bit floppy. If card stock doesn’t fit in your printer, then you can print the gift box design templates onto paper, and then trace it onto some card stock.

Download free gift box template heart, Open the file and print it onto your nice paper. If your paper is colored on one side only, then make sure you print onto the blank side.

gift box template pdf

Don’t have pretty paper? try printable heart box templates & packaging ideas that come with stunning patterns already on them. All you would like to do is print and fold

Instructions For Free Box Template

Free Box Template Instructions – I am sure you will probably figure out the assembly just from looking at the template, but here are some pointers just in case.

Step 1 For gift box design templates – Cut along all the solid lines, then score along the dashed lines using a butter-knife and ruler. Scoring helps the paper fold more easily in the next steps
Fold up the sides of the box to make it into this shape
Slot the two heart-halves together like this
Fold in the top and bottom flaps to close

gift box template pdf


Congratulations on finishing your Custom Heart Box!

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